About Us

I’ve been involved in the mod / soul scene for many years which as you can see is the main inspiration behind PeggyJane but let me tell you how she started -


PeggyJane started out as doodles on pieces of paper when I was a young child. 

I grew up in a small mining village in the North East of England and I used to let my imagination escape with me by watching old movies and sketching down the beautiful clothes / styles the Hollywood stars would wear especially all the old 1960’s movies.


My career saw me choose to follow into fashion design and PeggyJane went to sleep for a very long time.


Now I’ve got over 15 years experience in the clothing industry working for some of the UK’s biggest retailers and brands so I thought it was time that I went freelance and brought back my first love ‘PeggyJane’.


After searching for greeting cards in the high street shops, I realised that it’s so hard to actually find cards that relate to the scene that I love..so PeggyJane’s artworks became greeting cards and in November 2011 the website was launched.


We now offer a range of gifts and cards but each one still remains close to a scene which PeggyJane came from. 


I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged PeggyJane along the way as it’s you that has kept her and I going. 


PeggyJane is now selling across the globe and is continuing to grow from strength to strength.


Thank you


Maggie @ PeggyJaneLtd


Do you want to be in our PeggyJane gallery then send us your photos -  info@peggyjane.co.uk